Welcome to Backlife site, we specialize in development of back pain relief products for chronic lower back pain. Our product is based on a continouse passive movement unique exercise for back pain remedy (CPM). The result - relieve backache Backlife recreates a therapist's touch, gently rotating the legs, lifting the pelvis and aligning the spine. It doesn't require professional supervision. You can use it at home in the comfort of the room of your choice
Revolution in lower back pain and chronic back ache treatment The first home product that uses CPM (Continuous Passive Movement). Recommended by back pain doctors and specialists. Backlife is the first consumer device that offers lower back pain home remedies. The product is an innovative treatment device and a real breakthrough. It offers an opportunity for self-treatment of lower back problems anytime and anywhere. The device is self-propelled and programmed to perform conventional and effective physiotherapeutic treatment to reduce back pain and increase mobility. The backlife back ache remedy recreates a therapist's touch, gently rotating the legs, lifting the pelvis and aligning the spine. Backlife is completely safe to use. Backlife has undergone extensive testing by experts in the field and is endorsed by leading orthopedists and back pain specialists. Backlife is used by professional back pain specialists as part of ongoing treatment programs for back pain  *  

 Endorsed by leading orthopedic physicians and back care experts, Backlife combines the basics of the most effective physiotherapies for relieving lower back pain in the comfort of your home. Backlife is the first home based device that reduces lower back pains by operating on the well-known technique of CPM (Continuous Passive Movement), which is a method of treatment performed while the patient is in a state of total relaxation. The device performs a gentle and repeated circular motion, which moves the vertebrae of the lower back and the pelvic area.


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Start your back pain treatment now! Backlife presents the new generation of Back pain therapy
Backlife reduces the natural aversion to movement of the painful pelvic area usually experienced by patients, It gently releases intervertebral pressure and increases the space between vertebrae, It levels the hip arch (straightens the curvature of the lower back), It increases metabolism in the area and enhances blood flow, It enables the passage of oxygen and nutritional material while speeding up disposal of waste products, It releases endorphins (natural painkillers released by the body) which assist in reducing tension and in relaxing muscles and provide a sense of reliefand It soothes the patient and relaxes muscles. The perfect back pain killer at the comfort of your home




Our product reduces the stress and pressure on the lower back, restores back mobility and improves stability, reduces back pain with regular use, improves posture and reduces muscle tension
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